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How to Save on Car Rentals in St. Lucia

​The idea of splurging on a car rental in St. Lucia may come with a price tag when you’re unsure what to look out for. You may have entirely crossed the thought out of your mind. But wait, we here at Islander Cars can help! Let us share with you a few tips and tricks to guarantee the best deals on rental rates when shopping around for car rentals in St. Lucia! These tips can help before, during, and after your car rental booking.

Booking in advance

Avoid the hassle of making last-minute car rental reservations. Car rentals in St. Lucia are usually cheaper if you book up to 6 months before the rental date. Making advance inquiries allows you to shop for the best rates without being pressed for time.

Avoid Delivery & Pick up Fees

While it may seem like a good idea to have a car rental delivered to your accommodation, car rentals in St. Lucia always come with a delivery fee, the best way to avoid these fees would be to pick up and drop off the car rental at the airport, which is free!


Car rentals charge extra fees. You can be charged an additional day for arriving at the rental check 2 hours later than you were scheduled. How can you avoid this? Ensure your pickup and drop-off times are the same and be on time for drop-off to prevent penalties.


When picking up the car rental, follow the rep around the vehicle to ensure that he takes note of all scratches and dents (imperfections) on the interior and exterior of the car. That way, you can be sure that you won’t be charged for any damages you did not inflict on the rental car.

Gas Levels

While a full tank of gas is not guaranteed, car rentals in St. Lucia require clients to return the rental car at the same fuel level upon which it was received. A client will be charged the company’s rate for failure to do this, which is typically more costly than the local fuel price. So, gas up and be sure to refuel before drop off!

Ps. Filling up on more fuel than required at drop off does not guarantee that you will receive any compensation or refund for the added fuel levels.

Hidden Fees

Most car rentals in St. Lucia advertise cheap rates that seem too good to be accurate! One of the best tricks for hiring a car rental is to visit the car rental website and attempt to make a booking without going through. What is the purpose of this? It reveals hidden fees, and the total is much more than you bargained for.

The good news is we may have a few tips to help in those cases:

Tip #1:

Obtaining a car rental in St. Lucia requires the driver to purchase a local permit, which is needed to drive around legally. This will cut your cost by up to US$22. If you own an international driver’s license or international driver’s permit, you will not require this.

Tip #2

Speak to your provider. It doesn’t just give you peace of mind; it can save you hundreds! Credit card companies usually offer insurance coverage for car rentals.

Tip #3

While extras like Satnav seem necessary for first-timers, it  isn’t. You can save money on your car rental by simply using google maps. You can also ask your rep for directions or the best places to visit while on the island. This works well in St. Lucia.


Always be mindful of where you choose to park your rental car. Be aware of your surroundings. You should avoid parking near trees and other things that may cause damage to your rental car. Ensure that you are not parked in areas you can be ticketed for, and do not leave your rental car in stand-alone places where they can be targeted for break-in, as all damages or fees incurred are yours to pay.

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