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How to Find the Best Cheap Car Rental Deals in St. Lucia

If you’re looking for the best rates on cheap car rentals in St. Lucia, Islander Cars can assist. We offer reasonable rates on car rentals year-round! From economy cars to SUVs and Minivans, we have the perfect selection to meet your budget needs. Hurry, though, because they go fast!

Allow us to introduce our top cheap car rental client favorites:


This is the category for our Suzuki Splash rental cars. They are an affordable rental alternative for couples or solo clients pursuing a more relaxed and easy-going trip. This economy car is suited to cruise on easily accessible roads and is very reliable for city driving in St. Lucia. Get this; they’re only $50!


Toyota Rush/ Daihatsu Bego/ Daihatsu Terios category. This small SUV is one of the most well-suited car rentals for first-time visitors and a party of 4. It comes highly recommended as it handles St. Lucia’s somewhat rugged terrain quite nicely. You can have your pick of a 4-wheel drive or a 2-wheel drive. While they both offer ground clearance, the 4wd is unquestionably the better option. Siri has a daily rate of US$65.


Kia Sportage can seat up to 5 persons comfortably. It offers plenty of legroom, a good square boot, and a sleek exterior. This all-wheel drive SUV is sturdy on narrow and bending roads and rides smoothly on steep lanes. It provides adequate acceleration and gives the driver a bit of a confidence boost when tackling unfamiliar terrain. We’ve received nothing but good feedback from the clients who have rented the Kia. It is a safe option. Kia has a daily rate of US$75.


The Toyota Noah/ Honda Stepwagon is the go-to for larger groups. This category can accommodate 6- 7 persons. It is a minivan with two rear sliding doors and a spacious cabin with comfortable seating. It has good acceleration, and the steering is light. Wiki saves you from spending hundreds on airport transfers or taxis back and forth on the island. It is a cheap, affordable, and reliable car rental option. It handles the main roads very well and can access easy-to-reach places like public beaches, etc. Wiki has a daily rate of US$80.

It helps to consider the type of activities you have planned for your trip. Sticking to needs rather than wants can benefit you greatly when it comes to the amount that goes into spending on a rental car. If you need help finding something that suits you, our friendly staff is at your service. There are also special discounts available. You can inquire about the conditions to determine whether you qualify for those discounts.

Your getaway is meant to be a relaxing adventure, a break from real-life woes, so selecting a rental car that works for you will help make your trip even more memorable. Keep in mind that it is just as important to choose the right car rental agency. Find a company that cares about more than just statistics. With a good car rental service behind you, it makes you feel a lot more secure in your decision to rent a car.

Islander Cars doesn’t simply offer cheap car rentals; we offer a 1st class service with a seamless transaction, keeping you, the client, in mind. We value our clients and aim to assist them in the best possible way. We are on your side.

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